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The Ancient Oak Tournament Rules of Duelling and Rules of Conduct

1. No magic items. (weapons incl. runic, tribal spears, armor incl. dragon armor, shields incl. c/o shields, clothes incl. reward robes, ect.)
2. No precasted spells, para spell, mana drain/vampire spell.
3. No pets, stealing, hiding (incl. invis spell) or looting.
4. No poisened blades.
5. Free amount of reagents and bandages.
6. Only 5 potion in total per duel.
7. If duel last longer than 7 min then no healing (no in mani, in vas mani, bandages)
8. If both combatants die - there will eb a rematch
9. Fee is 5,000 gold pieces on a check
10. First prize is 75% of total fee.
11. Runner up prize is 25% of total fee.
12. No animals are allowed in the townhall.
13. 1 point per won fought match.
14. 3 point for the winner of the tournament.
15. 1 point for runner up.

1. Don't bring horses or other mounts to the tower. Any pets found in the tower will be Ejected.
2. Don't use rude language that might offend others, or constantly spam the same text all through the competition. Show respect to the competitors, regardless of whether they win or lose.
3. Please speak English (if you need to have lenghtly conversations in another language you can make a party)
4. Don't cast spells or fight outside the arena - it disturbs the duellists and the organisers who have to keep an eye out for real attackers.
5. Don't complain about the event in game - please post constructive critisism and/or ideas in our forum.
6. If any griefers causes trouble STAY in the tower - do not go outside and chase them, that is what they want. Besides it is hard to see who is the griefers and who is not and you are therefore likely to be marked as one of them if you go outside and fight.

Failure to adhere to the above Rules of Conduct will result in one warning. Failure to comply with this warning, immediately, will result in a ban from the tower. Warnings and bannings may be discussed after the tournament has finished.