Name Title & Guild Description
Remember Me?, 6I6
Counquour in name of, 6I6
Atkan - -
Baker II
Flying Kylling AO, TDD
BlackDog is an archer/mage.
Calis Mor Guildmaster, KL Grandmaster Bard and Bane of Shadow Wyrms.
Artisan of the Oak, 0AK
Catharina is a Grandmaster blacksmith, Grandmaster boyer/fletcher, Grandmaster carpernter, Grandmaster miner, Grandmaster tailor, and a Grandmaster tinker.
Cherry - GM Scribe, Alchemist, Tinker, Fisher and Carpenter
Cynewolf - -
Emirkol is a Grandmaster Tamer and mage, he is a supplier of pets to those who ask nicely, he and his pets will fight for the Ancient Oak if they are needed.
Emirkol is the Owner of the AO tarvern where the beer is brewed by the old dwarfs recipy. If you see him in his tavern drop by and he will give you a taste of this fine brew.
Red Knight of, 0AK
Battle hardened and weary, Garret has now retired from a life of fighting.
He defended the village during the incursions of chaos and became known as a murderer. These false accusations have not tarnished his family name however and he remains a man you can trust. He is the Guardian of the Oak.
Hammer Man
- Overworked GM Smith, Miner and Tailor
Ibram Gaunt
Deatgwatch of Oak, 0AK
Ibram Gaunt is the black sheep of the Ancient Oak, he will not touch you unless he is provoked to do so, but watch out for his temper - it is quite awful.
He is a guard of the Ancient Oak now after retireing from an old PK guild. He will help the innocent or die trying.
Shield Maiden, 0AK
Invisible Lady, 0AK
Retired butler - Archer with a love for magic
Jimmy the Hand - Dungeon Crawler
A seasoned veteran who has fought many battles - a backstabbing bastard, dont feel safe when he's around.
Mad Craftsman - has a passion for poison, you have probably been killed by a blade poisoned by him.
Miss PerFecT
Another one loyal to, PK2
Nina Fonseca
Artisan of the Oak, 0AK
Nina is a Grandmaster alchemist, Grandmaster smith, and a Grandmaster miner.
None PimP Not THieF, The Happy Chappy Pimping Guild None is a thief, and a good one, so watch out for your belongings. He will grab em and hide when you run after him. That is the joy of his life - to get people to run after him so he can hide and maybe even grab some more.
He has no combat skills at all so he wont fight you but only steal your weapon and you can hear the grinning in the shadows where he is hidden.
Opus 6I6, To Die For, 6I6 Well-trained archer mage and all-round mystic guy. Seen occasionally running around in the Ancient Oak.
StarFire Suicide Blonde, COM CoM forever!
Tobster - Protector of the weak
TobyOne GM Armor Pusher!!!, RAA A grandmaster of his trade, now retired to his home of the Ancient Oak
Lady of the Oak, 0AK

Valfreyja is one of the co-founders of the Ancient Oak Village. She was raised in a small cottage in Yew Forrest and returned to the area to settle down with some friends, she had met on her travels around Sossaria.