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The ninth Ancient Oak Renaissance Tournament
Date: 22nd December
Time: 6 pm GMT / 19.00 CET
Signup: 5pm GMT / 18.00 CET
Place: Ancient Oak Town Hall (some duels will be moved to the Amphitheater in the first round) [map]
Organizing Team: Ancient Oak Renaissance Tournament Team
Sponsors: Lady Lysana: BOD-reward neon sandals

Time and place will be given out later or you can contact Valfreyja and arrange to meet up.
Presign will only take affect when you have paid the entrance fee of 5,000 gp's on a check.
Please make sure the character you pay to has the guildtag 0AK

Please note the following rule changes for this event:
1) the duel time limit will be 5 minutes. After this comes the no heal round as usual.

2) if numbers are uneven at end of a round, rather than making someone fight an extra duel, all losers will be given the chance to fight to reenter the tourny in a "last man standing" free for all.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules before you arrive. Breaking any of them may result in banning - not only from the current event but from future events aswell.

If you have any questions, constructive critisism, or just want to say hello you are welcome to visit our forum.


Hope to see you there
Ancient Oak Renaissance Tournament Team